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Why This Is Important

Over 620,000 Iowans voted YES in 2010 to support funding for water quality, agricultural soil conservation, and Iowa's great outdoor legacy. We are asking you to support FULL funding for Iowa's REAP (Resource Enhancement & Protection Program) for the FY 2013 budget at $20 million.

Iowa's REAP program has been a bipartisan success since 1989 and enjoys broad support from the Iowa REAP Congress, members of the Iowa REAP Alliance, and Iowa's Water & Land Legacy. Please support Iowa's REAP program and fulfill the commitment to fund REAP at $25 million dollars this year - the 25th Anniversary of the creation of the program.

Every year there are projects that go unfunded due to lack of state dollars in the REAP Program.  For the upcoming fiscal year (2013), for example, the legislature is looking at an $8 million cut to the program.  For a list of projects that have gone unfunded by REAP on a year-to-year basis since 2008 look here.