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REAP Alliance Membership Renewal Time

23 Feb 2016 — 09:07 AM

Each year we are in touch with designated representatives for organizations to reaffirm commitment to the REAP Alliance, as well as solicit financial support. This is a great opportunity to update our database with contact information, etc.

Since the formation of the REAP Alliance in 1990, membership “dues” have been an optional piece of our membership puzzle. While a minimum of $50 to $100/year is suggested – several organizations support the Alliance at a $500/year support level. This decision is left up to each organization, and usually generates +/- $4,000 each year – this provides a limited budget to do the things we do. (Currently we have 41 organizations listed on our membership roster, only 20 supported the Alliance financially in 2015). We tend to accumulate funds during even numbered years as the REAP Assemblies are held in odd-numbered years, and directly followed by the REAP Congress – both of which receive financial support from the Alliance.

Renew your membership today!

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