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REAP Day Update - Planning a successful day

06 Mar 2014 — 03:09 PM

This is one of several posts we're planning to help everybody prepare for REAP Day at the Statehouse.  More details about that event and a schedule are available here.

Tuesdays at the State Capitol are always exciting. The place is packed with legislators, staff, lobbyists, media, school groups, and other fellow Iowans all rushing about.

With all this going on, how can we be sure our message about protecting clean water and a healthy environment will be heard? We can be prepared in advance.

Here are three tips:

  • Look up your legislators and write them a note to let them know you’ll be coming on March 18. Let them know conservation organizations will have displays in the rotunda and ask what time they might stop by. Say you’re planning to come to the statehouse and are interested in meeting them personally. Be sure to thank them for their service and their time, no matter what.
  • Practice your “sales pitch” in advance. We will provide you some policy talking points to consider, but it is also important to tell your own story about why a healthy environment matters to you. Do you want clean water for your kids? Are you worried about habitat loss for wildlife? Legislators and staff are busy and may not have much time to talk. Practicing in advance can help you feel more comfortable at the statehouse.
  • Bring a friend. It makes the whole day more fun. They can register too at

And remember:

We offer a pre-event training at the statehouse (8:30 am, room G15.4 in the statehouse) before the event. (YES, the meeting room has changed since we first announced it.) That’s your time to get questions answered and feel confident about the day.

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