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REAP Day Update - Being there in person matters!

27 Feb 2014 — 10:58 AM

This is one of several posts we're planning to help everybody prepare for REAP Day at the Statehouse.  More details about that event and a schedule are available here.

In the legislature, March is the month when crucial budget negotiations take place. By turning out in person, we are helping “close the deal for conservation” at the statehouse this year!

What’s at stake?

  • We have the opportunity to see Iowa’s Resource Enhancement and Protection Program funded at $25 million in its 25th year, and that’s just one of several important conservation programs that need our support.
  • Legislative funding and oversight--including pollution reduction goals and timelines--are essential to getting Iowa’s water pollution problems under control.
  • If we do not show up and tell our elected officials we expect progress for clean water and a healthy environment, momentum for our issues could evaporate quickly in closed door budget negotiations. We can’t let that happen.

What can you do?

This week, take a moment to be sure you’ve invited friends to come with you to Lobby Day. (By the way, have you told us if you are coming?) Navigating the capitol and speaking to legislators is easier with friends at your side.

  • Check out these suggested social media posts to let your friends know you care about REAP and conservation in Iowa.
  • Set a goal of bringing a full car load of friends with you to Des Moines.
  • Ask yourself who should sign up and come. Your coworker? Your hunting buddies? Your best friend from Jazzercise? Let those folks know this is important, and they ought to come with you.

Everybody can "commit to attend" at!


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