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Let's make March a month of action for REAP!

25 Feb 2014 — 02:09 PM

March is the month when important budget decisions are made at the Statehouse, and so it is a very important time for all of us who support REAP to share our enthusiasm for the program with friends, colleagues, and our elected officials.

Remember, one of the most important opportunities we have to speak out for REAP in March is to come to the statehouse in person on March 18 for REAP Day.  Details about the event are available here and you can commit to attend online right now.

To make it easier to spread the word, check out these resources you can share with friends online:

Suggested Facebook posts:

  • I'll be at the statehouse March 18 to speak out for clean water and healthy soil in Iowa.  Won't you join me?  Sign up at
  • Iowa's REAP Program has provided over $300 million in benefits for Iowans with 25 years of conservation projects in all 99 counties--let's keep this progress going!  Join me at the state capitol March 18!  Sign up at
  • Learn about how Iowa's REAP Program benefits all 99 Counties at

Suggested Tweets:

  • Hey #IALegis! Let's celebrate 25 years of REAP with $25 million this year! #IowaREAP #EnviroLobbyDay

  • 25 years ago: #IowaREAP bill passes House with 100 votes--the desire to protect our environment is unanimous. #EnviroLobbyDay

  • Thank #IowaREAP for over $300 million invested in Iowa’s natural beauty! Attend #EnviroLobbyDay 2014.
  • #IowaREAP: benefiting 99 counties and 100% of Iowans since 1989. #EnviroLobbyDay

  • 37,000 REAP plates on the road shows that Iowans care! Continue supporting REAP at #EnviroLobbyDay 2014.

  • #IowaREAP's funding formula has stood test of time, supporting a diversity of projects to all parts of the state

Photos to share:

You can share these photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let others know why conservation funding matters to you!

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